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Like adla afore mentioned, I launched "Mini Pearl" Saturday. Showed up at Yuba lake still needing to rig the sails. Spent a couple of hours lacing the main and hanking the jib, then backed her down to the water for the ceremonial stuff. It was then that the wind died.

Thanks to all of you that helped by pitching in your awesome advice. It wouldn;t have happened near as fast without you guys.






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STUNNING!! 8) And Im not just talking about Adla either! :wink:

The boats beautiful well done Brit

May you yours and your friends enjoy many many years of peaceful cruising in 'Mini Pearl" 8)

ahem... hows yours coming along Adla? been awhile since Ive seen a thread of yours... mmm last I saw you had just done the keel and I think gone 3D??

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Nope am still havin some wee issues with the wheel... number 1 went out the window pretty rapidly as I had no idea what I was doing with the new lathe and botched it majorly :oops:... number 2 has also just gone the same way as I stuffed up the veneering something terrible :roll:... sooo onto number 3!!! :lol:

But Im not detered... nor worried about it either as I know once I get it right it will be excellent... bit on the perfekshunist side Im afraid and I keep lettin me imagination get in the way of completion... never mind!! :wink:

No choice with the hole just now mate... still recouperating will be seein the specialist again on Thursday to have the old lungs checked along with the ticker... funnily enough though I feel pretty damned good for an old phart! as my comments toward the lushioous Adla can attest :twisted: :lol: however its bloody cold down here just now and Im one of those dopey buggars that really cant abide bein inside for more than a couple of hours a day so tend to head outside... even if its friggin freeezin even if its phissin down with rain and yes even if Im just recouperatin from pnumonia and plurisy!! :shock: I just gotta get out!!! and so tonight Im feelin just a tad gak :cry:

The new jobs really the ducks knuts for me as I head over the hill (Am I really almost 50???? gawd strewth what the blazes happened!!!!) and aimin for retirement its good to just cruise around on the surface instead of headin down the hole all the time... more $$ too believe it or not!! 8)

If I head out again it will happen on Monday then Im gone for 2 weeks... sigh... but the moneys good... sigh... but the money will give me the $$$ that I need to keep her happy and me in boatbuildin stuff!! so its all good!! 8)

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Guest Oyster

Well, this is just too much to take seeing all you folks on the water with full sails on such nicely done boats. I envy everyone of you folks, and feel your excitement, as there are no real words to place on that first splash down the boat ramp, fully rigged and ready. Great job folks. 8)

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Thanks for askin'

The deck is western red cedar, a very light, very soft wood. I picked through the fencing material to find the multi-colored stuff. It is 1/4" thick by 3/4" wide strips, glued down with "subfloor and decking" construction adhesive and staples. Once the adhesive dried, I removed the staples. The compass rose on the cabin is Lyptus and maple, glued on the same way.

Because the cedar is so soft, it was necessary to harden the surface. I filled all voids with epoxy thickened with cedar dust from my belt sander (100 grit belt), then glassed the deck with 6 oz. fiberglass. Three coats of aircraft grade polyurethane enamel (it was cheaper than automotive clear coat, about half the price), and it was all done. The whole process looks like it was harder than it was, really. A little creative planning, and the pattern possibilities are endless.

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