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Christmas ornaments

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I have been searching for a chuck to fit my Yates American lathe. While I searched I have spent some time turning one of my favorite things. Christmas ornaments. here are few I recently turned. I am not happy with the shape of the first ones but it has been 10+ years since I have done any turning so I have remind myself that it takes time to get back to the point I was at.


The two white ones are pecan and are the first of a set I am to make. These are for my Pastor and his wife. They had a large pecan tree that had to be take dow. I got all the wood I wanted before it washauled off. Promised Ms. Katie to I would make her something from the wood. Also going to give her the pick of the bowls I turn from it. Assuming I ever get my chuck in that is. :?

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Died from a lack of interest??

Apparently I deleted them from my web site since they were hosted there.

I was interested :(

OH well next time I will catch them sooner

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