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There'll be a new launching this weekend

Konrad in Lincoln

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Most of you will not remember "Mike in Lincoln", but he posted here from time to time, about 4 years ago.

Here's the short version of my connection with Mike: He came up to me 5 yrs ago while I was out at the lake and liked my boat. He bought plans and started to build. I moved to the east coast, took the boat with. Soon quit the east coast job and came back to Nebraska. Mike got me a job at the architecture firm we're both at.

Fast forward 4 years. My boat has been slowly showing it's age from use and storage since I completed it in 1999, but Mike never finished his boat. It just sat in his garage all that time. For reasons I can't explain, him and his whiff got motivated over the last 8 weeks and have actually completed their boat!! They're going to launch it this weekend at Conestoga Lake in Lincoln, NE.

I recommended it because it's small and never has a crowd of people. During your luanch day, the last thing you need is a line of pee-d off fisherman staring at you on the boat ramp while you deal with first-timer issues (and those of you sailing ALL know what I'm talking about).

Anyway, like I said, Mike doesn't post here anymore. But it's always fun to hear about a launching, so when I get more facts and photos, I'll be back. Probably early next week.


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