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My Weekender is getting closer to completion and its time to start thinking about motors. I have an offer from a dealer to sell a used (but working with a 90 day warranty) 4hp Suzuki 2 stroke long shaft with F-N--R for $450.00 or a 2003 (but new) 2.5 hp 4 stroke short shaft Yamaha for $700.00. I am leaning towards the 4hp Suzuki as we have pretty strong tides and currents in Charleston but I wanted to see if anyone had any experience with either motor.

Also, I am factoring in the mounting of the motor as a potential cost savings on the Suzuki as I think I would need the fancier motor mount with the hinge for the Yamaha or any other short shaft. Any advice on positioning the mount/placement of the motor would also be appreicated.

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As was just pointed out to me, check to see that the postioning is far enough outboard to keep the rudder from swinging into the prop. There is some discussion of this and some photos from folks in the tread called extended hatch / soft cover from a few days back.

I'm thrashing with same issues, including having a long shaft motor and a swinging mount. I think I misunderstood a couple of measurements there.

DocA in KY.

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The 2.5hp will have enough power to push the Weekender at hull speed at 3/4 throttle (that's a guess, but I think its pretty accurate). So the size of either motor is fine unless you need the extra power to overcome strong currents or tides.

The 4-strokes are much quieter in the larger sizes, but I don't know about the 2.5hp. I know the 2hp Honda 4 stroke is no quieter than the two stroke models, so if the 2.5 Yamaha is the same way, and you don't have restrictions on the use of two strokes where you are, I would go with the cheaper 2 stroke.

Here in California, some lakes have restricted the use of 2 stroke motors, and only allow motors meeting the CARB (California Air Resources Board) standards. There are some fuel injected 2 strokes that meet it, but mostly only 4 strokes, that meet that standard. So for me, I would get the four stroke for that reason. But if it will take years for those standards to spread, if they ever do, to your area, then the two stroke would be the way I would go.

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