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Polypropylene on CS 17 Keel for Abrasion Resistance?

Dale Niemann

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Rob Macks of Laughing Loon kayak has recommended polypropylene as a protector of the keel on kayaks for abrasion protection.

I am thinking about using it on my CS 17 keel instead of stainless or bronze. I have already used in on the leading edge of the rudder and centerboard.

Or maybe Xynole cloth?

What do you all think of this idea?


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I bedded some threaded inserts into my keelson on my Spindrift 9N just so that I could try different materials on the bottom and also to replace any of it when needed. I currently have a Starboard strip on it.

Here is a pic of one of the threaded inserts in the keelson completely bedded in epoxy and watertight. This was before painting....


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