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Canvassing Core Sound #77 (Pics from Double7)

Frank Hagan

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as promised here are the picture of the canvassing progress of hull#77 and the attachement system. it migth not the ultimate system ' date='but after the canvas is removed there is noting to be seen around our nice coaming!!!!! have the complete canvas picture by mid week.



[attachment over 4 years old deleted by admin]

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Wow, what a palace! Looks like you almost have standing headroom! But will that much canvas present too much "sail" to the wind?

I'm interested in both your hoop system and the attachments. Are the hoops in permanent sockets? Attached to the inside of the coaming? What keeps in place the canvas that's lapped over the outside of the coaming?

I had thought to make a batten boom tent in several sections, all secured with velcro to each other and strapped to the underside of the deck (beneath the coamings). A few inches of free edge would (I hope) shed weather over the outside of the coaming, though not specifically attached to anything. I hadn't figured out how to arrange the sprits to support all this, though. But with your hoops, you don't have to.

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Hoops and attached information

The hoops are 3/4" PVC water pipe 75 psi with 1/2" PVC water pipe inserted inside for supplement rigidity, they are inserted in 1" PVC electric tubing 6" approximatively, this tubing is bolted in bottom to 1/2" plywood abt 4"x6", the bolt is used as a stopper for 3/4" PVC. The top of that 6" tubing is holding with heavy duty tie wrap or PVC clamps. The hoops are just inserted in, pressure keep them in. All these block stay put with rubber band from bike and motor bike tube from 1 1/2" to 3" diameter, tube can be cut different width for various strength. The canevas hold with regular snap fastener on the outside of the block. Velcro is used inside around the hoop to keep everything straight. As for the wind making a sail out of that canevas, the round form of that arrangement will spill the wind easily, I hope !!! Anyhow you never navigate in heavy wind with all the canevas on. Full canevas will be for overnighting in protected anchorage only. Double 7

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double 7

I think your idea sounds great and the picture of the top is exactly what I was thinking about. However, I am still having trouble understanding how the socket pipe is attached. I don't understand how the rubber bands are attached to the boat. Maybe some more pictures of it would help.


I tried to download the pictures and was unable to do it in the usual way where I just hold the curser in the upper left corner and am then able to click and download. Would it be possible to get the pictures set up in the same way others are set up. I really like his idea, but am not at that point in construction yet so need to save. Thanks for your help.

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Thanks, double 7! While framing seat hatches a few weeks ago, I found myself daydreaming tents. I decided to put one hatch for the forward tank nearly against the side bulkhead to allow storage of flexible tentpoles or whatever of maximum length. Even that would be too short unless each pvc hoop were in two sections. That's a lot of tubing to find a place for. Your way of locking the base of each hoop around the coaming is very clever. I also like your "forward hatch."

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