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FS: CS17 #11 'Sawdust' in Tampa Bay ***SOLD***

Scott Church

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Unlike a lot of you guys I have only room for a single trailered vessel so when I get the itch to acquire something different to spice up life (a monthly event) I'm forced to consider selling my beloved CS17. I am at that point now and really on the fence about parting with her. So I'll just type this out and see if I click send or not.

I consider her the best sail camping boat for my sailing grounds (West Coast of Florida). I regularly sail camp the barrier islands here. For those of you not familiar with this boat it was built by Gordy Hill who is a regular contributor to this forum (use the search function to see his posts, many regarding this boat). The layout is slightly different from the plans in that there is a large casting (and sleeping) area between the masts. It should be obvious in the pictures.

She is structurally in great shape with only cosmetics needed to bring her back to her original condition. As for the price Gordy gave me what I consider a great deal which I'll pass on to her next owner provided they're a CS17 fan (which is why this where I'm posting here). Boat and Trailer for $2500 which I would guess is about half the cost of raw materials (check out the custom tent in the pictures).

Sawdust is located in Dunedin FL. My email address is churchscot@aol.com.

I may have to get Frank's help for adding pictures to this post but for now check out the pics and info authored by Gordy at


and a couple of pictures from last Saturday's sail can be seen at


and a pic of my family at the Cedar Key event can be seen at


A google search with the keywords gordy and core sound or maybe sawdust should pick up a few more pics.

Let's see now... submit or delete... submit or delete... hmmm.

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Tempting, Scott. I have too much going on right now. I probably will be moving down that way soon. We will be living on my 36 foot ketch. But it would be nice to have a CS17 or similar boat for gunkholing and exploring the area that the ketch can't go.

Keep me posted. You can send to this address: Garry at Prater

Delete the spaces and add a d*t c*m

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Gordy did an excellent job on Scotts boat. That boat is the reason I chose to build the CS 17. It sails fantastickly. We were out with our sailing club and the winds really started to blow. Gordy owned the boat at that time. He just dropped both sails and moved one to the third mast step and sailed like it was a calm day. I believe Gordy had also increased the sail size. However, for where we sail here in Florida that is probably a good idea. The way the boat handles is a real tribute to Graham's design.

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Wow, I like the shot of the cockpit! There's all kinds of lockers, hatches and cubby holes! I noticed the third mast step is supported at the seat level and not at the deck level as shown in the plans. This will create a larger bending moment on the mast than intended but it appearently it has worked on Sawdust. My CS17 has a short deck and I was planning to not use the third step. Maybe I should reconsider ... Any thoughts on this?

Here's a couple more shots. The forward mast step in shown with its drain hose attached. I'll get the mast tube made and get everything fit before I epoxy it home. The second shot is looking forward at the locker just aft of the forward bulkhead. I picked up an anchor but need to make some kind of cradle to locate it and keep it from sliding around.


[attachment over 4 years old deleted by admin]

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