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Launch of CS 17 # 70 Kokako

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The big day finally arrived. We went camping 1 hr. north of Auckland with our two daughters. It was my 13 yo birthday and she bought 3 of her friends. We went up Friday night. Spent Sat. mornng putting on fittings etc. I called her Kokako for a number of reasons. The Kokako is a rare New Zealand bird - there are 6 breeding pairs on Tiri Tiri Matangi, an island bird sanctuary just off shore of where I launched. The bird is blue and grey (like the paint job on the boat). The two sails remind me of wings.

She sails like a dream. A few issues to iron out after the shake down sail- but nothing important. A big thanks to Graham and Carla for the design and the help and support over the 20 months (sounds better then nearly two years) she took to build. Also thankyou to all of you for sharing your enthusiasm, advice and interest. I will post photos of her adventures as they unfold.


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Hi John

The Cetol is quite different to varnish. I soaks into the wood and has pigment in it so it darkens the wood. You put on 3-4 coats and it builds up to a matt gloss type finish. It is a bit more expensive than varnish. The benefits are that you can touch it every year or so by giving it a light sand and putting on one more coat. I like the way it has turned out. Look it up under the following link




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If you have a look on the sail you can see a small reinforced area back from the mast and above the sprit. this has a grommet in it to put webbing through. The sails roll up to this point, the mast then locks in position (I still have to set this up - see photos Graham posted of Ketchup) and the webbing loop is tied off with a D ring to allow the snotter to attach.

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