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Launching of CS86


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CS 17 #86 Escape' has been launched twice. :D

First sail was solo in a builders shakedown launch. I had few technical issues and lots of wind. I saw the quickness of this boat in just a few minutes on the water but didn't want to press my luck until I could go back and fix my snotter and centerboard. Minor issues in the end and I wish I would have realized the easy solutions while still on the water. After fussing with folding the sails I also decided right then to glue my poles together and wrap the sails around them and carry them on top of the boat. This is really nice with the pvc holders to transport them like Gordy's pictures.

2nd launch was the public launch. A couple pictures are here. Calm wind conditions this day. None at all until I trolled out of the creek and into the main lake beyond camera shot from my photographer unfortunately.

We ghosted along nicely and we were very pleased at our progress and the boats ability to sail into the wind and tack with so little available wind. My certified sailer instructor/friend was very surprised in his first sail in a cat ketch. He marveled at the safety -no boom to hit your head, excellent stability even when were both on the same side, easy to sail.

We were all excited about our next launch date. Thanks Graham for a great design!

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I roughed up the aluminum mast with 60 or 80 grit sandpaper the used Rust Oleum sand color spray paint. See you on the lake when you finish. I've been to two Ray Roberts and Lewisville already-they are both about the same distance from my house -about 10-15 miles.

Joe, As to the your question I'm glad to be done with the build stage. It took me 1.5 years, I never had enough large periods of time to work on it consistently and was always trying to squeeze in time. My daughter accused me of escaping a few times to the boat shop and thus her name for the boat. The workmanship suffers somewhat from this lack of quality time but I really like the CS design. This is my 3rd boat. First a Stevenson's Skip Jack, then CLC kayak which was probably my best as far as the craftsmenship and now the CS 17. Now I'm ready to spend my free time sailing instead of building.

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Great job on you boat. I like the way the open stern worked out. That is what I plan to do also. You are an incentive for me to get going again. I went 3D almost a year ago but have not progressed since then. My wife has been sick so have not had time. She is now doing better. Also, 4 hurricanes slowed progress with evacuations, etc. I am retiring on Nov 30th so hopefully will then be spending full time on it. No need to apologize for your craftsmanship. Hey, you are sailing that is what is important. Send us more pics. Some of us need the incentive.


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