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Hey Tim!

Dave R1

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Well that's a commonly known design around here.

Called the BC Bud Special.

Very little effort required. Good seating. Easy design to build.

As you can see she carries very little sail, so again, quite relaxed.

Variations include a couch and TV rather than lawn chair and newspaper.

Extremely large beer coolers have been known to capsize these vessels.

Can also be identified by large green drifting clouds of smoke trailing from the vessel.

Thanks for noticing Dave.

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These boats don't sail at all well into the wind. Basically dead down wind is all they will do. But that is OK.....sailing downwind is easy and does not require much thought.

They draw very little. The reasoning behind this aspect of the design is to make beaching as effortless as possible. Folks that use these types of boats don't like to get wet.

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The downwind ability must be outstanding. In other design issues, I suspect, even given Tim's ingenutiy, that these boats really cannot be though of in terms of draught. If large coolers are a weight problem, then kegs and all the associated plumbing would be prohibitive. The only plimsol line probably has little notes like .5L or 1pt inscribed along it.

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