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Varnished Transoms? (and other stuff)


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I am pretty sure I know this answer but better to ask. I have not seen a photo of a Core Sound with a varnished transom. Is there a reason for not varnishing a transom? I assume most folks just choice not too and probably don't want the upkeep.

I am planning in my head the colors and bright work I want on my boat. I found Ketchup photos in the archive and it sort of stole my thunder. I had red in mind with a varnished topside and transom. So I am tossing around other colors but I am still partial to red. My Sea Skiff is red.

Floorboards, are they removable? Or are they fixed to the hull?

I appreciate the answers. I want to order the plans soon but I am afraid it will distract me from working on our new house. I am dying to start on one now!

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Here are a couple of Core Sound varnished transoms.

The floorboards are added if you want to fill in on each side of the centerboard trunk to make a pair of bunks. When sailing they need to be stowed out of the way, so using them as floorboards gives them a permanent home when they are not being slept on.

Most people make them out of wood slats about 3" (75mm) wide an 1/2" (12mm) thick screwed down to 4 slats running across the boat. They are made to fit between the CB trunk and the side seating resting on small wooden blocks. When stowed as floorboards, they are held down with wood turn buttons.

[attachment over 4 years old deleted by admin]

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Thanks for the photos Graham. Just as I expected it too look. I love that bright work!

I know exactly the type floor boards you speak or. I have always liked the looks of them. Another question, could the floors be made of plywood without causing any problems? Leaving them removable of course. Perhaps leaving a gap around the edges so water can drain in the bilge? I am assuming that is the reason for the slat floors.

I have something in my mind but not sure if it is practical.

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... One advantage with the slats is' date=' with gaps between each slat and edges chamfored you get a nice grip for your feet without needing nonskid.[/quote']

Thats a good point and I like the way it looks. i am a sucker for wood.

What I was thinking about was using Nautolex on the floor boards. I used it in my Sea Skiff on floors. The white fake wood strips (floors only) with my red exterior and varnished interior really looked good.

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