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"Good Old Boat" magazine

Greg Luckett

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It would surprise me if this jewel of a magazine is unknown here, but thought mentioning it could be useful to someone.

I build small boats and refurbish older boats for resale, as well as do minor shipwright work on boats in the local area. Every single one of the editions of this magazine has been useful to me. I have even started purchasing back issues. None of the other boating related magazines even come close to the value of Good Old Boat.

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Try "Duckworksmagazine.com" for a really good website for home boatbuilding. There is a link for "Messing about in boats" as well as a wealth of info for boatbuilders. Regular submissions from builders around the world (as well as Texas :wink: ) Part of the site requires membership but the small cost is acceptable for all the info that comes with it. Please note... The content grows several times a day! A great wealth of everything "BOAT".


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I am familiar with Duckworth's site, but had forgotten about the MAIB magazine. Last time I tried subscribing it kept telling me I had a CC problem, which was not true. They did not respond to any of my emails so I blew it off. This was a year or so ago. Today I subscribed again and will see if this one goes through.

Thanks for the reminder,


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Here is the info for "Messing About in Boats" Magazine

24 issues per year

$28 per year

29 Burley St.

Wenham, MA 01984-1943

Phone 978-774-0906 No recording machine.

If you contact Bob Hicks the editor, I believe he will send you a complimentary issue.

The magazine is not a glossy. Articles are written by folks like us on this forum. Some are good and some are not so good. I like the variety.


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