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I HATE Winter, how much longer till July and the great race?

Scott Dunsworth

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Winter used to be my favorite season when I was younger. NOT NO MORE.

I need a electric coat and socks, cotton in my ears, gloves and a good hat.

Some of you will say winter is building time. Well your right mostly. If it wasn't for having to get out to go to my day job. I have to shovel snow, scrape ice, warm the truck up and slip slide to work. Then do the same thing to get home. Day after day after day and so on!!!

I think thats what got me thinking about the great race in July. I am planning on going even if my Belhaven is not finished. It just sounds like fun and a adventure. Do you that have been before know if my little Penobscot 14 will handle the race seas?

How many of you out there are planning to attend?

I cant wait to meet some of you and I cant think of a better way than at a camping and sailing trip.


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Do you that have been before know if my little Penobscot 14 will handle the race seas?

Its pretty open body of water. Tom would be able to give you a better read on it. But there is always a need for an extra hand. There is usually a runabout or two chase boats that can give you a lift too, Bring plenty of hats and sunscreen. There is plenty of place for bunking after the fact, also. Just give us a mail and let us know how many folks will be with you.

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The Great Race has been in transition since Roger Allen left the NC Maritime Museum which hosts the race. For this last race, one of their key personnel was away, and due to a lack of comittment by chase boat owners for the whole weekend, it was reduced to a one day race. What will happen this year is anyones guess?

Would I sail the full race in a Penobscot 14? No offense, but, not a chance.

Even if Pamlico Sound did not kick up, you would not be able to keep up with the bigger, faster boats, making it a very long hard race.

That said there is plenty of good cruising that you can do around here in your boat this summer.

While your Belhaven does not qualify, because it has a cabin, when you get her finished you would be welcome to sail unofficially.

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I added a wink to it. I edited the reply. I think under the climate that exists in the faultering organization, this race and time frame could include several classes, keeping in mind the weather certainly pertaining to the boat size. I would not do it in a 14 footer, and added in my reply that some chase boats and other boats surely would welcome visiting crew. A good messing about in the eastern part of the world would be a great addition to the other ones that happen in other parts of the country in mid summer times.

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Hopefully there will be a "great Race" in the two day format this year.

I asked about the race at the fall TSCA meet and the Museum folk said that it was on. I expect to be available with "Liz" this year instead of cruising in Canada like last year. No knock on the Penobscot 14, but I think it could be a hard slog in average conditions and downright gut stretching in more wind. The Sunday leg starts with a typical 22 mile beat to windward into a freshening wind that gets reinforced by the sea breeze. In a boat that requires much hiking to keep on its feet, your gut better be in good form.

I expect that the museum might be receptive to opening the race to more kinds of boats but I personally will vote not to let the event be taken over by racing types. The character of the race depends on keeping to the traditional nature of the format.

That said, I'd like to see more participants from outside the local area.

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:oops: Thanks for the input and advice all. I thought the great race was a B&B get together, I didn't understand it was put on by someone else. If I would have done a little more investigation I would have known that. You are right about your gut needing to be in shape. Mine is not but it does make nice ballast. I have been out in 15 to 20 mph days for five hours at a time and done pretty well so far. I think its that ballast above my belt that has always kept her on her feet. The most scary part of those days was running,I had a chinese jib one day that about got me down.

I still may show up and tag along the best I can if the weather permits and if I get to far behind or if it gets to rough I will fire up the little gas motor and mess-about.

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I'm sure that neither I nor Graham meant to scare you off with our tales about the "Great Race". There should be several boats built by these forumites, from the BRS 15 to the CS20 that could sail this event. First to finish of every race since its inception has been won by one of these boats.

So, If you hanker for something a little different and more challenging than a Sunday afternoon sail, think about making plans while watching the playoffs and waiting for the epoxy to set in this cold weather.

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Since the 4th is on Friday, the race will be on the 5th and 6th and starts in Oriental at or about 9am.

I assume you have read the article on the race on Graham's website. The Bluejacket "Liz" has been mother hen for the last two races and, assuming that I'm around here, will be again this year.

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