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Everglades Challenge 2024 thread

Andy B

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I'm interested in comparing the Core Sound boats to the Sea Pearls, as an owner of both now.


The Sea Pearls are quite behind the CS boats.  That's interesting because from what I've read the two conditions where a Sea Pearl would have an advantage are light winds and rowing, both of which have been the conditions here.  I would have thought this race might be one where the Sea Pearls keep pace or lead the CS boats.


Potential caveat:  it might just be the sailors.  The CS boats are faster overall, so maybe they just attract a more competitive crowd as owners. 

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1 minute ago, Don Silsbe said:

@Andy B— OR, maybe they are simply faster boats!  If it were just a matter of sailing skill, we’d see more of a mixed fleet, wouldn’t we?

Probably, but I am not convinced the sailors are the same.  I think each Sea Pearl has just a single sailor in it, so that would obviously make a difference in rest and fatigue in a rowing contest, for instance.  And I bet he median age of the SP sailors is 10+ years on the CS group.  That probably also matters in a rowing contest.


I'll just have to sail both more this summer and compare!  I think I'll end up agreeing with Steve W, who has owned both, that the CS is the faster boat in nearly all conditions.

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23 minutes ago, Don Silsbe said:

I was just poking at you.  I know how you feel about the Sea Pearl, the plusses and minuses.

Funny!  Now that I have both I suppose I am the ultimate :)

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I loved my Sea Pearl (Andy owns it now). It was a better boat for ghosting in light conditions, although my mizzen staysail helps Skeena on a reach. And the SP rowed better.  It takes a good amount of sailing to get them dialed in. They like to heel a bit to keep the sails full and weigh distribution is critical. Jarhead at his peak would be having a race in light conditions like this. But I am always rooting for the B & B boats. 

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Tuesday morning, the first overall boat (Spawn) just finished.  Alan and Mom and three other CS boats just pulled in to checkpoint 2.  It looks like Alan at least is quickly shoving off south.  Looks like low winds from the east, moving to ESE, should allow for some sailing today.









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Alan, it looks like in the Carlita prep pics, you removed the bow board. Did you decide she didn't really need it? Did you use the Spinnaker much? Is the Sprit rig for more of an asymmetric? Is it used mainly in light winds? I really enjoyed following the event and I'm looking forward to how the new conditions of contest effect things.



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Apparently EC 2025 is going to start on Friday afternoon, and monohull sailboats like Core Sounds (i.e., not beach kayaks) will need to be launched from the ramp, not the beach.  Lots appears to be up in the air.  Alan is in the thick of the discussion so will be a good source for news going forward.  Stay tuned.

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