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Everglades Challenge 2024 thread

Andy B

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The 2024 Everglades Challenge starts this Saturday.  I doubt I'll ever participate in the Everglades Challenge, but it is sure fun to "spectate" from afar.


Looks like, as usual, there are several B&B boats in this year's race:

CS 17 MK1:  Matt Pinkley, Chris Elwell

CS 17:  Brooks Hall, Stuart Miller

CS 17 mk2:  Alan Stewart, Dawn Stewart

EC 22:  Mark Ellison, Jeff Williams

CS 20 MK3:  Scott Henderson, Kilby Smith

CS 20 MK3:  Erik Dykema, George Blaha, Mitchell Blaha


I think, but I'm not sure, that the trimaran used by "Spongebob is designed by B&B.


Roster link: https://watertribe.com/Events/ShowRosters.aspx


Here is the link for the race tracker:  https://www.raceowl.com/EC2024


Another good place to follow is the watertribe group on facebook.

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Alan, if you have time:  the forecast looks like light winds on the nose for the entire trip.  Is that what you are hearing down there?  And it seems like that would mean a lot of rowing or some interesting sailing strategy.

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Here is the map of the Core Sound boats at 2:40 pm on Saturday.  It looks like it has been close-hauled sailing in light winds so far. 


Triman is leading the pack (not overall though) with the EC-22.


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WaterTribe names for those with B&B boats in this year's race :


CS 17 MK1:  PinkDog, ChangBiZi

                      Matt Pinkley, Chris Elwell


CS 17:           TheMapster, Coastal

                      Brooks Hall, Stuart Miller


CS 17 mk2:  SOS, SandyBottom   

                     Alan Stewart, Dawn Stewart 

("Carlita" boat on loan from Graham Byrnes) 



EC 22:          Triman, Cat5                 

                     Mark Ellison, Jeff Williams

(boat built by Graham Byrnes)


CS 20 MK3:  WildBlue, SkinnyGenes

                      Scott Henderson, Kilby Smith


CS 20 MK3:  NowWeTryItMyWay, 

                                          CountryRoads,  WhiteRabbit

                      Erik Dykema, George Blaha, Mitchell Blaha


Trimaran:     SpongeBob         

                       Bob George

(boat design by Alan Stewart)





https://www.facebook.com/    (WaterTribe group)




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They have moved up.  My buddy on-scene (shore support) said there was a little breeze overnight, so the sailors have finally passed the kayakers.  But aside from a few mega-athletes, no one has made it to CP2 yet, and a bunch have just cleared CP1 or are resting there.  A long, long race, but the Core Sounds are out with the front of the pack.

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Here's a good synopsis from this morning (Watertribe Facebook page)


As of 7:30am this morning -
Monohull leaders Spawn has checked in at CP2, Choco. They are on their way
back out down Choco Pass.
There is a gaggle of monohulls off of North Naples/Naples that are within 2
miles of each other -
WaterStrider on the Interlake 18 is in the lead for 2nd place They are
making about 5.6kts
Southern Skimmer is the closest inshore and is in 3rd by 1/3 of a mile of
WS. They are steaming at 5kts
Southern Cross is further offshore and 2 miles in back of WS and SS. She
is motoring along at 5.2kts.
SOS and Sandy Bottom in the B & B 17 mk3 is the furthest out and are about 4
miles behind Andyman, travelling at 4.5kts.
Zerothehero is just South of the Sanibel Pass and is moving at 4.7kts after
overnighting at Picnic Island. They had been pacing the leading pack on
the Pine Island route before they pulled over for a rest.
Madmothest had been also in the gaggle until he pulled over to anchor/beach
for the night on Sanibel. He is now back moving south at 3.9kts
Windy - 5-10 out of the East, going Westerly around 1300 similarly strong, then becoming ‘variable’ the further South they go past Marco - For what the info is worth…


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The light winds make for phot ops, I guess.  Here is Southern Skimmer, the EC-22:








Here is a photo from Alan on Carlita, Graham's CS 17mk3:





Finally, here is a snip of Graham himself who was greeting and assisting at checkpoint 1 over the weekend:




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