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"Tanguily" for birdsmouth masts ?

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OK all you knowlegeable saw dust making types.

How suitable is " Tanguily " for my sticks?

CS17 #103.

I've been told that it's close, straight, grained, hard and light.

Does anyone know if it takes epoxy well ?

Any pro's or con's.

I'm about a month away from leaving for my workshop search, and I'm going to try to get my major lumber at that time. I figure that the longer I have it under my control the better I can monitor water content.

Thanks for your help.

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Thought I remembered seeing that somewhere, and I found a site on using it for bird's mouth mast construction:


I have no idea of the other qualities of the wood, but at least one other guy out there is using it!

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Lee Valley tools has router bits for birdsmouth joints (6,8,12,or16 sided). I don't know if they are easier than setting up a table saw, but thought I would pass the info on. Let me know if they work.

Here (i hope this works) is the link. If not, go to www.leevalley.com and search under "birdsmouth" and you'll find it.


P.S. I have no affiliation with lee valley (or birdsmouths)

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