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Shrinking CS 17

Karl Hibbert.

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Karl, Thank you for pointing out that error on our web site. I don't know where the 5'10" came from. We must have been perpetuating a typo. The actual beam to the outside of the planking is 5' 6 5/8" and the gunwale will add another 1 1/2" +- depending on gunwale stock and whether you put on a rub rail.

Beam is usually quoted to outside of the planking, but on small boats some people like to use the total width of the boat if space is tight

which is why you often see different beams quoted for the same boat.

I was trying to think back to the first iteration of the CS17 and I think I did take out a small amount of flare from the sides amidships.

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Ah, feedback on a daily basis, from the man in charge, like the buck stops here, with this guy. You actually get to talk to a human, one on one. Strange thing nowadays. Thumbs up, for this guy, this desginer here I mean. 8)

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Thanks for clearing that up Graham,I new there would be a logical explanation .I've learnt lots browsing this forum and Oyster is right its very re-assuring to know the designer and other builders give their experiance and support so willingly whenever there is a query.

Its good to see so many excelent boats being built as well. 8)

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