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Core Sound 17 - For Sale


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Hi y'all. My family is selling our Core Sound 17 (B&B Yacht Designs) since moving to the Four Corners region. Built in Spring 2015 at Farley Boatworks in Port Aransas, TX. It is registered in TX currently and has only touched the water a handful of times. It has always been stored under a roof and wrapped in tarps and out of the sun/UV/elements. It is now located by Mesa Verde National Park in Southwest Colorado.


No detail skipped with this build, as we thought this would be a "forever" family boat with dreams of doing the Texas 200. My mom and dad built it and it sailed my wife and me off into the sunset after our wedding ceremony. Aluminum masts, custom oars, Propulsion electric outboard motor, and custom Coastline aluminum trailer (built in Seadrift, TX). Materials, paint, rigging, and sails alone were about $12k.


Asking $10,000 for everything - boat, custom oars, rigging/sails, electric outboard motor, and trailer. However, it's time for us to move on from it.  We're not doing it justice by not getting it in the water. We are willing to deliver to almost anywhere in the lower 48.


Please reach out to Travis Ramos at travisterrellramos@gmail.com OR call/text at 361.401.1698 for any questions or interest. Below are some picture of it out on the water as well as some of it currently with us in Colorado. I can provide more pictures and details upon request. Thank you!












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I was at Farley Boat Works as a volunteer boatbuilder when this Core Sound 17 was built. The skill, attention to detail, and commitment to a high quality build were evident every day. The lead builder, Travis's father, has a background as a professional woodworker. This boat is a flagship example of a CS17. 

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Just FYI for the seller or anyone interested.  Last summer I purchased a Core Sound in Denver and had it shipped to Elkhart, Indiana, using a site where transporters bid on jobs.  The cost was $1,500.


I have relatives in that area and because of the RV industry and proximity to major highways I suspect the job was cheaper.  I know it was much, much cheaper than transport to northern Michigan--a Great Lakes peninsula is wonderful but is pretty much an isolated cul-de-sac for the shipping world!  I did get lucky, the shipper took another job about 100 miles from me so was able to bring it to my driveway for an additional cash payment.

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I just bought a Core Sound 17 Mark 3 in Clearwater and had it shipped to Omaha, Nebraska, about 1500 miles. I used uship to take bids and picked the most reviewed decent priced guy. Bids ranged between $1600 for someone who had no or few reviews and $2800 for very highly, frequently reviewed. I picked someone who was about $2000. The process went well and I would use the driver again if it worked for him and consider uship again depending on the circumstance. 

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