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Anyone using the Torqeedo motor on CS 17 and and use a Ecoflow to charge it also Epropulsion motors im looking at.

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Im thinking about buying Torqeedo motor and maybe two batteries. I also looking at the Ecoflow power system with

solar panels to charge all my equipment while out exploring the islands on west coast of Florida on my CS17.

Im trying to decide what size of Ecoflow power system I need to charge the Torqeedo batteries and other things like

lights and phone and maybe a mini drone etc.

The boat came with a Honda 2.5 hp but Im not going to use it. Im going electric. I guess a long shaft might be needed. 

I wonder if the Epropulsion would fit in the width of the transom cut out.

Ive looked at the Ecoflow Delta 2 but it might be more then I need with its 4 solar panels. The River 2 Pro might be large enough with panels to do what I want and take up less space and weight is less. EF ECOFLOW Solar Generator RIVER 2 Pro 768Wh LiFePO4 Battery with 220W Solar Panel,










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  • musicmanx2 changed the title to Anyone using the Torqeedo motor on CS 17 and and use a Ecoflow to charge it also Epropulsion motors im looking at.
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I have had a EPropulsion Spirt 1.0 Plus for a few seasons.  Mostly very pleased with it.  The electrical plug caps are flimsy  and don’t stay on (a very minor complaint). Occasional error message at start up but always ok after a second try.  Other than that I love this motor.  Super quiet.  Really fun to cruise through an anchorage nearly silent. Tons of battery life.  I have been using it on my Spindrift and Lapwing.  Be sure to get a long enough shaft. It is the correct length for the Spindrift and too short for my Lapwing if there is any chop.  The storage bags are worth getting. 

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I have decided to go ahead and use the Honda air cooled 2.3 motor that came with boat. I  found some perfect size tanks

for the transom area so I can hold 12 gallons. That will last me for weeks. I won't use the motor much other then for coming into a dock and if I have a strong current to go through. The 2.3 will have more power aswell for a strong current. It has a long shaft and well and fits on the transom perfect. I't like new condition too, very very low hours on it.



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That's a nice motor, I have it for another boat.


You won't need the tanks for daysailing, that's for sure.  That motor sips gas, and the tank in it only holds around 20 ounces (I think; it might be 30 oz).  I have MSR fuel bottles that I use, they are much easier to store and to use than a regular fuel tank.  I usually fill up 3-4 at the start of the season and end up pouring them into the snowblower tank at the end of the season because I haven't used them.  I can't imagine using 12 gallons of fuel, I be that would be something like 30 hours of constant motoring.

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Andy, you get snow where you are?  😁

Ditto on the 2.3 Honda. Might be one of the most efficient outboards. 
I’ve liked using this can for both my Honda 2.3 and 5 outboards; both have small internal tanks. IMG_2247.thumb.jpeg.77712e83da4dbde4d48cecfd0b47ea14.jpeg


I found this gas can  easy to use.  With this push-button nozzle on a smaller gas can (2 1/2 gallons) I’m able to refill the motor even when the boat is bouncing around in waves.  I’ve been less than fully successful (missing the the filler neck opening, overfilling) with my fuel bottles and have better results it’s these. 

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Nice product--I confess refilling on the water is a problem with my small cans.  However, I think I've only had to do that once, on a longer trip, otherwise you fill it on land and it's good for many daysails.


Yes, we have snow, I'm eager to get the Shaggy skis out!

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I've used those fuel cans that PadrePoint recommends— they are perfect for refueling on the water.  Andy B is right— you’ll only need a one or two gallon version for most motoring.  That will free up more space for beverages and other essentials.


B&B is talking about offering the Epropulsion product.  If you think about going to that in the future, I suggest checking with them first.  

For my needs, a small gas motor is fine.


Alan Stewart tried out a Toequedo on his Core Sound 17 before he sold the boat.  I saw it at a messabout.  That boat FLEW!

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I use both a Tohatsu 3.5 longshaft, and sometimes the Honda 2.3.  


When going out in Nantucket Sound, the Tohatsu is the tool of choice.  Once I solved the stalling issue (clogged fuel filter, and good luck finding it), it runs great.  Much quieter than the Honda.  


The ePropulsion and the Torquedo are just too pricey for my wallet.  


Does anyone convert their Tohatsu/Mercury to a remote tank?  I could get to the Vineyard and back! 

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