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One way transport options

Andy B

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I have put a deposit down on a CS-20 (MK1).  The boat is in Colorado and I am in Michigan.  To save time I would love to be able to fly out there (one way flight is cheaper than my van's gas) and rent something to haul it back.  However:


(1) Normal car rentals prohibit towing and don't guarantee the actual make and model, so even if I was going to violate the rental terms I still might end up with a rental without a hitch;

(2)  Business truck rentals (Etnerprise truck) have pickups with hitches, but seem to be only local rentals;

(3) Renting a U-haul moving van with a hitch is cost prohibitive given the distance.


Can anyone think of any options?

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I'll second what Oyster has said. I've shipped a number of things with U-Ship. It's like the Uber of hauling. You can check with their rating (reputation), watch progress during the haul, and they know they need to be good or you'll give them a bad rating. I've shipped a big boat (10,000 lbs.), three different Continental trailers (one for Skeena) from Florida to NY and had 0 problems. 



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Andy, Great choice on the Core Sound 20 mk1! I hope to see it on the water this summer along with some other Core Sounds from the area.


I rented a uhaul truck to tow a uhaul car hauler and it worked fine. I don’t know the rules for towing your own trailer.  If you go that route I'd suggest finding out what the correct hitch drop is needed, if any, for a level tow. 

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Andy, I just realized it was you! Congrats. A CS is so much different than a Sea Pearl. You'll miss the really light air sailing abilities of the Sea Pearl,  the adjustability of the roller furling and the quick rigging. But a CS is so much bigger, stable and faster in stronger winds you are going to love it. Are you keeping WildCat? 

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Steve, thanks!


I'm undecided what will happen.  The tentative plan is to use both boats this summer and then keep only one of the boats.  It'll be like one of those car magazine articles: "Twenty Foot Cat-Ketch Shootout!" :)  My dream would be if all the boys could take the boats out for a sleepover adventure.


The tippyness of the Sea Pearl has been getting to me (mainly because we usually have 3-5 aboard), and maybe it was just one summer, but we seem to be sailing more in heavy wind than in light.  I've got the Sea Pearl pretty dialed in on a reefing schedule so she handles it well, but it is more "glad we made it through that" than "it was really fun when the wind picked up".


Part of it is the build quality of this CS-20.  It's sight unseen and has some modifications (masts are higher than planned, and there is a lug rig) so I'm not sure what I will get.  But a 20 mk1 is rare enough, this boat has been in several Texas 200's, and the price is right, so I'm giving it a shot.


The boys are so attached to Wildcat that I've already gotten a lot of grief about thinking about selling her.  But I keep telling them the new boat will have a lot of the features they like about the Sea Pearl; hopefully it will be faster sailing in good wind and less of us yelling at each other to not move around the boat :)


We'll see what happens.  I think financially it will be a wash if I sell one, and either it will end with me being happy about he CS-20 or realizing my original Sea Pearl choice was good, so maybe I can't lose either way!

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You might find it particularly fun having two boats for the family such that keeping both for a while would be worth it. What ya NEED to do is get a third boat to make you a fleet owner…like me. 😂  (I still think an SR20 would be a great choice… if B&B brings it into a kit someday.)
Some good family adventuring in the works. 

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Andy— Your new boat is going to be so different than Wildcat!  I’d love to be a fly on the wall when you start getting acquainted with her.  Unfortunately, I probably won’t get to see her this summer.  Our Michigan summer gets interrupted by three weeks of cataract surgery, back here in NC.  Keep us informed!

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