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Amanda Floor Boards Needed?


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Hi, Wife and I finally getting to finish our Amanda #50 we started in '14.  Skipped glassing the hull (just taped seams, 3 coats epoxy and fairing) as I'm terrible at glassing and didn't want the mess. Taping all the seams was challenging enough.  Now finish sanding the interior for epoxy coats and find floor is flexing some (normal?).  Our first thin ply bottom boat so flex a concern?  Should we add floorboards on stringers with cedar slats to spread the weight or are we overly concerned?   Many thanks to B&B Yachts and all who've shared their knowledge, skills and ideas on this site.  Mick n RickZ 

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Why has nobody answered you?  I’ve sailed an Amanda once, and bottom flex was not noticeable.  I suggest saving the floorboard thing for later, if you feel its necessary at all.  Core Sound 15’s and 17’s have 1/4” plywood bottoms, and do not flex.  I think you’re gonna be fine without them.  But nicely oiled cedar slats really set off a boat…

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I added floorboards to my Lapwing in the aft portion of cockpit. Not for support, but to stay above the bit of water that always seems to be present. I never put them in my Spindrift 9. No real need, and added weight I did not want. It is easy to turn the boat over if any water, unlike my Lapwing. BTW, I did not glass either boat. I did not want the  added weight. Light is faster.

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