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Boat paint

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Jacking up an end could be a good approach.  Never thought of that.  My floor is level enough that I could have used it to make a straight line along the sides.
The dimensions from bow to waterline and transom to waterline should be somewhere in the plans and a bit of math would reveal appropriate and relative heights of bow and stern from the floor. 


NICE to see your progress on your build.  

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If you search "how to apply the perfect waterline" this should come up. It will help if you read all the post (9 I think).




We do, here is that link.



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Thank you all for the replies!  That was VERY helpful.  We have the lines now for the bottom paint, and can add the lines for the boot stripe. 


We want to put bottom paint on for two reasons: first, where we live, at the base of Puget Sound,  barnacles attach  very quickly to the bottom of boats.  Second, we hope to do some lengthy cruises in this boat.  (We have been cruising in a Scamp, so the CS17 will be spacious.)


I'm going to look into that Devoe's Devthane 379.  Mark, your boat is beautiful.

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I was in contact with Systems Three about their Pennant Topsides paint. I purchased their Pennant Primer. They got in touch with me and asked if I had any questions. I told them I had wanted to buy their Pennant Topside paint but was told it had been discontinued. I was then told if they had what I wanted I could buy it. They did have what I was looking for and they sold it to me for a reduced price.

I was told they have a limited supply in stock but others could buy what they have.

Bottom line, if you were thinking of using System Three you should get in touch with them.

 Jeff Anderson    janderson@systemthree.com was my contact.

Good luck.

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