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Weekender Hull Sides

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This is my first post in this forum but I have to admit I've been reading for quite some time. I started my weekender around Christmas and have deduced that the design is so named because that is the only time I can find to work on it!

In any case, last night I attached the starboard bow side panel with the help of my wife. The boat has been ready for the sides for about a month but it took me that long to find the courage to move forward. If I could spend 1/10th of the time working on the boat as I do thinking about working on it I would have finished in the "3 months" I've heard about.

In any event, I am planning on installing the aft panel this evening and then going to work on many of the "small" projects before I close off the port side. Any thoughts on the next step?

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Welcome Paul,

Pretty exciting at this stage. It has a shape that looks like a boat.

You may find it is a lot easier to paint as much of the forepeak area and lazarette as possible before putting the other side on. Both areas are hard to reach to paint and caulk. It is also a lot easier to paint the underside of the deck and cabin top while you can reach them easier.

I found it quite easy to place the side panels, put in a couple screws to hold them temporarily and then mark off all the contact areas with a pencil. Remove the side panel and prime and paint it after masking off the contact areas. Saved a lot of sore knees and elbows and deleted expletives when it came to painting the interior. I found that it was pretty easy to remove the narrow strip of paint when it came to placing the cabin shelves and stringers for the seats.

Install the steering system completely so you have it all laid out and understand it. Then when you are putting it back together after things are finished, it goes quickly and you aren't fighting the limited access.

Anything that can be finished and caulked while it is easy to reach it is a real time saver.

I had flipped my hull over to install the side panels because I was doing it alone. That had also made priming, painting and caulking the underside of the deck a lot easier.

Just some observations that made things easier for me.

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