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Motor Well for Core sound 17


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If you are just wanting to add a place to clamp a motor,  I shared my process for I used to design this on my "Skeena" thread. Graham did something similar on Carlita. The main reason I did this was so I wouldn't need to ever remove my motor for traveling. I have a lock on it and just leave it. I never felt comfortable with any extended mounts, but this thing is rock solid. 

I will mention that I thought I had it perfectly figured out until the launch and when I went forward the short shaft motor pulled out of the water. I now have a long shaft and it works perfectly. 

Info here:




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Alan of B&B ran a series of posts on this site a couple years ago showing a motor well he added to his boat.

I tried searching and couldn't find it.  I imagine Alan will weigh in at some point.  It wasn't the youtube shown above, which is a well in the interior of the 20.  The one I'm thinking of involved putting a sort of box in the transom of the 17.  It took Alan about 3 hours.  Would take me about 3 weeks.

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