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Screw holes in stringers?

James Barros

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Hi everyone, 


I'm making a curlew. 


I recently came into a brand new mis-cut gate, lined with 5/8" thick cedar planks.  I want to use these planks, but they've been "well fastened" and there are screw holes across the planks.  Given the thickness of the stringers, I am significantly concerned that a screwhole will be a significant weakness.  Should I plug them with epoxy? something else? Or give up and just go buy new cedar? 


wood isn't so expensive that I'm willing to jeopardize the work I've put in to be cheap, but it would be a neat story if I could have made a portion of the boat from a left over gate, so if I can reasonably do so, I'd like to. 


Please advise? 


Thank you. 

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7 minutes ago, James Barros said:

Yeah, the more I think about it, the more I think this gate is going to turn into box making practice and some really nice cedar puzzle boxes for friends, and some fresh cedar (at much lower prices than when I started this during the pandemic) might be what makes it into my boat. 


When I built my Vardo last winter I got sticker shock with cedar pricing.  Thankfully it's come down, and considering the slow down in new home construction, lumber prices should remain "normal."

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Epoxy is very brittle and hard compared to wood, and it has no longitudinal strength like wood.  If the stringers didn't break bending them, they would likely bend less than fair at these repairs.  Either cut out the holes and scarf the pieces to get the length, or buy new wood is what I would do.


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