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CS 17 on the Great Barrier Reef


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Here's a pretty neat video of a CS 17 in Australia cruising in some of the Great Barrier Reef waters, in company with an O'Day Day Sailor (I believe).  We've seen the CS before, and it's nicely tricked out.  Note in leaves the O'Day in its wake (that may be in part 2, this is a link to part 1).  Fun to see.  


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Yeah it was a good trip, completed over 10 days

2 day drive north from Sydney 1500km ( about 950 miles)

6 days on the water.

We visited remote areas 35miles off shore but only accessible to shallow draught vessels. The areas a marine sanctuary so the fisherman don’t go there. We were the only ones at the coral cays, which was a real privilege.

Sail back to the mainland & then 2 days drive home.

And yeah my CS 17 is pretty much always faster than the O’day in all conditions.

I build the CS to do these kinds of trips. The boat has exceeded my expectations, it’s a capable, fast and a safe cruising boat.

Cheers John

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@Gira Gira— I thoroughly enjoyed these videos!  But I couldn’t help thinking that if I had wishbones on my cat ketch, I would string a gathering net/web on the underside, to gather up my sails for camping.  It would probably need to be relaxed (or removed) for sailing.  But when deployed, it would hold the sail up closer to the wishbone, and off your head.

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20 hours ago, Don Silsbe said:

This is how it looks on Jay and Carole Knight’s new Matt Flinders.  If you find yourself in eastern North Carolina this weekend, stop by the messabout.  You could take a closer look.  (LOL)


Beautiful boat.

I wish I could make it to the messabout , maybe one day. It might be a bit hard to bring my boat, though I’d love to have a sail with you guys.



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