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Best way to drain water out of bottom of CS17 if its raining while sailing


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I have  the one drain hole in center of the floor that could drain out water when on land. Has anyone ever installed a bilge pump our just use a hand pump or foot pump. Foot pump could be used even while sailing which would nice. Any products out there I should

look at? We get showers here in Florida west coast winter out summer. :)


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Good choice. I would recommend you think about the 24" model instead of the 36" model.

You may find the 24" is easier to use in your boat because you will be able to stay seated while pumping.

I have both sizes and use the small pump in most cases.


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As a kid in RI, they were called Elvstrom bailers, after the designer, the great dinghy sailor, Paul Elvstrom. I have one in my Lapwing, definitely use it.




No matter what you use for bailing, there always seems to be a little water in the bilge.  Even when you sponge it dry, it reappears. I installed floor boards in the aft cockpit of my Lapwing.  I keep a small bucket on a tether, and a nice grout sponge handy.

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I’m stuck on the “if it’s raining while sailing” phrase.  First of all, who cares?  Wet is wet.

Secondly, an Anderson/Elvstrom bailer works fine, as long as you’re going over 4 mph.  That’s what I have.  If installed properly, THEY DO NOT LEAK.  Many of us have them in our boats.  I meN, most of us do.

Exactly what do you have in your boat— simply a drain hole and a plug? That would worry me more than an Anderson bailer. 

The down side to a bilge pump is that now you need a battery.


Just some random thoughts.

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My Dad really loved this thing when we had Dawn Patrol our Core Sound 20. When not going fast enough for the venturi bailer to suck and water got in the boat either by rain or spray you just reach down and flip the switch. Put the hose in the cb trunk. The d cell batteries lasted a year or so. We found it to be very reliable. We always made sure the oring seal was clean and lightly coated in lanolin. I think a good choice for least effort and not wanting to cut the boat. Another advantage is it can go in a kayak or anywhere else in the boat you need to dewater while you do something else.  Attwood 4140-4 WaterBuster® Portable Pump, Submersible, Battery Powered, 200 GPH, 42-Inch Hose, 5 ¼-Inch Diameter https://a.co/d/jaRUdba

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Yes this boat will be on a electric boat lift behind my house and a custom cover will be made for it to keep it dry and clean. When on the lift I will be able to keep the centerboard painted and in good shape because I will be able

to lower it and go under the boat with my Kayak to paint it and the rest of the bottom as it gets scuffed over time.

Yes the 24" would be good but many say it nice to have a longer discharge hose like is on the 36" model. 72" long discharge. We will go with something. Plus have the hand bailer.


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I suggest keeping it simple.  Wear rubber boots in cool weather and use a bailer when necessary.  A little water slopping around in the boat is not a big problem.  Also, the more gadgets I bring, in my CS15, the more stuff there is to trip over with my enormous flipper feet.



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