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Aft locker closure on a CS17 M3

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I’m thousands of miles away from my boats, so I can’t take good closeup pix right now.  
If it needs to be locking, there are some commercial latches that work well.  Alan just out some on Chief’s new CS17.3.  I think he carries them in inventory now.

I used locking latches on my Bay River Skiff, since I stow some expensive electronics in my seat tanks.  https://www.fisheriessupply.com/sea-dog-line-anti-rattle-hatch-fastener/222110-1

On my rowing boat, I use a bungee latch.  Look past the dog in these photos, and zoom in. 3E86F7D9-B22A-4175-863F-995DCC9BFAC9.thumb.jpeg.95c91a1636cd07d654153fc4250b88ca.jpeg4659D3BF-B2D7-4E0D-88EC-9B3162A07ECA.thumb.jpeg.65189a0ac7768d56e1a334847cb8e076.jpeg Mine latch down.  The crude sketch I just made shows them latching up.  The tails of bungee make a good handle. 5AC3B032-AEF0-42B9-BEE6-A5CA63749FEF.thumb.jpeg.c9a0848629b08ff5cb35a39bcb5d73d8.jpeg Maybe some of the others have better photos to share.

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Everybody at B&B uses sections of piano hinge for their hatches and compartment covers.  On my rower, I just used a pair of white plastic hinges made by Sea Dog.  They are working out great, and only cost a couple of bucks.  (Got ‘em at Fisheries Supply.). They’re there behind the dog in those photos.

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There are many ways of hinging and securing hatches.  I just made these for my Lapwing.  I had some stainless carriage bolts and finish washers in my goodie box which make a neat post to secure the bungee.  I still need to install them and do some whipping on the bungees to make them look good. The second shot shows the parts I used which includes a plywood donut as a doubler behind the bulkhead. The bulkhead is sandwiched between the nut on the left and the plywood donut.  Hope that makes sense.




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