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The WaterTribe North Carolina Challenge started about 7am this morning off the Beach at Cedar Island.  19 boats according to the rooster, 2 are B&B sailboats.  A Core Sound 17 with KDubs and Maggers (Kevin Wenger and daughter), and a Core Sound 17 Mark 3 with Chief (Steve Isaac) and SOS (our own Alan Stewart).    With only 19 boats it’s easy to see the tracking map with all boats, you will have to zoom in and click on icon to see who they are.

tracking map is https://watertribe.com/Events/ChallengeGMapper.aspx

rooster of participants and their boats can be found here https://watertribe.com/Events/ShowRosters.aspx


looks like our Guys are now on the Neuse.  




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The first four boats are home. Going by when the OK buttons were pressed on their Spot trackers, Skinny Genes was first on the Thistle. Heavily Laden was second on a class 1 kayak. Madmothist was third on a 49er and the Chief and SOS (Alan) came in fourth, one minute later. The rest of the field camped for the night.


I am always impressed by anyone can paddle the whole course without sleeping and average over 3 knots, with most of the last 40 miles upwind.

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From NCC manager Britt Isaac Beda:
The first finishers are in! 
SkinnyGenes and XL Genes finished in 19 hours 10 minutes
HeavilyLaden finished in 21 hours 16 minutes.  
Chief and SOS finished at ~5:00AM but did not send the SPOT okay message until ~5:30AM (22 hours 27 minutes).  
MadMothist finished on the beach side at ~5:30AM (22 hours 25 minutes).  



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Thanks but all are not back safe yet!!! Still some sailors on the course! Kevin (KDubs) and his daughter (Maggers) are closing in on the finish right now in their Core Sound 17 #398! They are doing great. https://watertribe.com/Events/ChallengeGMapper.aspx


Here's a video i took from our first day sailing. 


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Nice video. And nice catch of the drone. I haven’t tried flying mine yet (bought one last year on a whim) but will begin once I’m home from this vacation. 
Seems a bit nervy to fly from and back to a moving boat… but if I can develop some skill with the controls… maybe.  At least it’s proven here to be a possibility. ?


From what I can see the boat looks well built with some great extra features. I caught this glimpse of a cutout in the coaming… very handy looking for tucking things away.  And it looks like it is blocked off from the rest of the coaming to preserve flotation. (The best snapshot I could get.)


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Very cool video Alan. I like the close up and also the zoom out where you can see the entire expanse of the Neuse River. Looks like you were moving along pretty well with a nice swell. I see one shot wing and wing so you must have a little more video. Did you fly the drone at other parts of the course?

Congratulations to you and Chief and the other tribers. Chief must be especially pleased, beautiful looking boat.

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Padre, it was definitely unnerving flying the drone. If doing it again i'd launch from the stern deck because the drone immediately attempts to stop moving over the ground once airborne so you have to fly away quickly to avoid sailing into it. 


The cockpit coaming cutouts are standard on the 17mk3 and i'm sure you cut add them to your boat. There is no divider but I did add a divider on my 20mk3.  Here is a picture I did that so i could put stuff in there without it sliding back and not being able to reach it. I knew any oars I use would be 2 piece and so would fit in the stern part. 


The coaming space was never factored into the floatation of the boat they're purely aesthetic and functional for cockpit comfort but of course if you seal them they will add some floatation and righting moment if they go under. We just did some more capsize testing of the Chiefs CS-17 Mark3 with a mast head float and i'll post the results soon. 


Hey Joe! thanks. Its the first time I've ever tried flying the drone off a moving boat. I did 2 flights and the first one the boat was wing on wing. Unfortunately the drone wasn't recording!!! but i did get some still images so thats how i got that shot. The second flight we gybed the main to make it easier to fly away from the boat after takeoff. 



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