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Gas tank and battery proximity


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I don't frequent this group often and probably should.


Restoring a '62 CC Sea Skiff and need to relocate the battery.  Existing space is VERY tight, Was located in the bilge. I can find a battery that will fit but there is no way to put in a box and I really want to do that. So I need to relocate.


Tons of room under either of the front seats. But I am leaning toward putting it aft, under the rear seats. It is large open space with super easy access.


The gas tank is located behind the seat. 30 gallon galvanized tank. Battery would be adjacent to it and with all the ventilation I see no issue. But I have people in another group howling at the idea. Some are saying it is against CODE ? 


I assume they mean some regulation but I can't find anything anywhere that addresses this.


I don't see the problem but I thought I would ask here.  Is there a safety issue with a battery beside/under the tank? I would be in a box and tied down.









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