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Core Sound 17 rigging

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I recently bought a used Core Sound 17 and have no experience with Cat Ketch rigging. The boat has aluminum masts with tracks, sprit booms and sails with two reefing points. It was built in 2015 (probably started around 2012). 

Think I have most of the lines figured out but am puzzled about where the main sheet blocks of both mizzen and main should attach. The main sheet blocks have snap shackles attached so they may have been snapped to the sail or sprit. Sprits do not have any hardware other than spotters. Any ideas as how to secure mainsheets to sprits or sails is very appreciated. Looking forward to my first sail. 

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The sheet blocks get attached to the end of the sprit. The most basic way is a short line, up to 6”, hanging down from the sprit and the block snaps into a loop on the end of that short line. If the sprits have a hole near the end my guess is that the hole is the attachment point for the short line.


Other sailors install eyelets near the end of the sprit and snap the block to the eyelet.

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Kevin, it is ok to drill holes in the sprit. I used a hole just big enough for a 3/16 line. Tied a knot on the topside so it couldn’t pull through the hole and tied the block to the free end on the bottom side of the sprit.


You can mount all sorts of hardware on the sprits. Reefing blocks and cleats in particular.


Congratulations on your purchase, I’m sure you will enjoy it. Just remember the designer’s main rule: Always keep the mainsheet at hand so it can be quickly released in strong gust. Don’t cleat it and forget it. The mizzen sheet is an afterthought.

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While mine is not a core Sound 17, the mainsheet setup is fairly standard.  

And for the snotter attachment, I just use a forked end on the sprit and a loop in my lashing block.


 And here is my sheeting setup for the mizzen.


Hope this helps.

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