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I have no experience with KeelEasy but, after perusing information on the product, I'd say that it all depends on how well it would adhere to the paint of a SOF boat. No way to answer that without trying, but I'm skeptical. A concern is the use of a heat gun for application. Too much heat and the paint would soften and bubble.


On my Ravenswood, I used vinyl strips cut from bits of vinyl fencing. The strips are about 1/16" X 3/8" X 28". They are attached at the bow and stern with small stainless steel flathead screws. These strips have lasted for over 10 years with minimal wear.


raven bow.jpg

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If you want to use wood, cedar isn't the best choice; it's too soft. I'd go with oak or ash, which you can soak or steam if necessary to take the curves. Those woods are tough. There are other woods that would work, but those two are the most common in North America. Have fun!


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