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This years Messabout?

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The nearest airport to us is Newbern. We can pick you up at Newbern and you can stay with us or you can sleep on one of the boats. I usually sleep on board over the weekend.


There are two Hubs in NC served by the airlines with commuter service to Newbern, Charlotte and Raleigh. Charlotte is about a 6 hour drive and Raleigh RDU is about a three hour drive. Sometimes it is nearly as cheap to rent a car in Raleigh and drive down giving you a bit more independence and you get to see more of the area. 

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Jay- Thanks for the heads up.  I was going to show up with Rosie and Lula!  I then thought about motoring around with Lula in tow and checked the gas prices.  I think the best solution would be for you to pick me up with your new sail/electric beauty.  Standing by.


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I flew twice to Raleigh and drove down. The first time I stayed in New Bern. It was a pain. Second time I rented a minivan and used it as a tent. Much more fun! This year Skeena will make an appearance behind my car. 

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