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Vardo combing question.


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I’m making a combing out of three pieces of plywood. I have the book. I understand the process. 

question: are the two lower rings identical ? I sort of did a not super job of gluing my pattern to wood to cut it out and they are slightly different and I don’t know if this is by design or not :)  

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Hi Bignose,

they should actually be identical.

Most people mount the plywood coaming so that the two bottom rings pinch the skin. So the discrepancy should probably be barely noticeable afterwards as long as you get the screws through all the rings cleanly.

The upper ring should always stand so much over the middle one that your spraydeck has a good grip all around.

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3 hours ago, Kudzu said:

You can clamp the two together and even them out.  When I was making kits I always put the coaming together temporarily and sanded it to get perfect mating surfaces.

And while you are at it, drill your pilot and clearance holes so they line up too.


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