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Double-corded or rolled seam stitching for first-timer?

Douglas Jacobs

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I'm getting ready to skin my curlew with the 6 oz. dacron fabric and am wondering the advantages and disadvantages of the rolled seam compared with the double-corded stitching technique?  Thanks for any feedback on which is easier for a first-timer, which looks better, and answers to questions I don't know enough to ask.  

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It has been a long time since my first one but I think Dave is probably right.  A lot depends on the person though.


Most people struggle sewing a straight line but some fine it very easy and do an amazing job first time. i think the key(s) are being consistent and using the deck beam as a guide for ever time you place that needle.  And never be afraid to rip out a bunch of stitching and start over. I do that.


Teaching classes there where I can look over their shoulders we got good results. Not perfect seams but good.  But then there is always that one person that stands out. One was an Army doctor and his seams looked as good as anything I could do.  Next class it was a lady that sewed a lot. I think she did a variety for crafts involving hand stitching.


Just know that one half of the boat is going to look better than the other. So I always say start at the stern. Most people see it bow on.

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Thanks for the input!  I'm thinking I'll go with the rolled seam for the first try.  I'm neither a medical doctor or a crafter so want to keep it simple. One more question:  After going through the forum and videos am I correct in understanding that I should do the coaming first, then sew out from the coaming towards the stern and then the bow?  Or should I start at the stern and work forward?  Thanks again.  

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