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Trailer Rollers

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@Don Silsbe I'm not an expert in electrochemistry but I play one on TV.


I got curious about how galvanization works.  I learned somewhere that the corrosion protection in galvanized steel comes from having the zinc coating corrode away before the steel gets attacked.  It's the same principle as a bolt-on sacrificial zinc anode, but in coating form.  But I also I read on some galvanization vendors' websites that the zinc oxide forms a tight barrier that slows corrosion,  which might explain why parts are galvanized after they've been cut and formed.  And while I was googling around, I also learned that aluminum sacrificial anodes are available, so maybe aluminum isn't so bad.


For practical purposes, it probably doesn't matter.  How many times a year is your trailer going to get dipped in salt water anyways?  Just hose it off when you get home.



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