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Everglades Challenge 2022

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Great idea, I've wanted to track it more closely this year.  It's good daydreaming for us whose sailing waters are covered in ice.


I assume most have accessed this, but if you haven't, there is a great map showing the sailor's locations in real time here: https://www.watertribe.com/events/ChallengeGMapper.aspx


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Here is a list of all the Class 4 boats in the B&B family that are registered. I've been in touch with all of them this morning and hope to have some pics from them once they get settled in the starting lineup.



The Watertribe facebook page has the most up to date pictures of course but Macatawa is cross posting them onto the watertribe forum so go there if you're not a facebooker here is the link to that. http://watertribe.org/forums/topic/ec2022-the-facebook-thread


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Thanks Padre for the re post and the pronunciation assist! Sorry I forgot to update this thread! Here are the video updates I've done so far. Most current was this morning. Tues 7:45 am. I've been posting these to the B&B Facebook page but if you don't to Facebook you should at least subscribe to the B&B youtube channel and then you'll get automatically notified when we post any videos. 



Update 1: (turn up the sound)

Here is an update on our B&B Racers/Challengers in the Everglades Challenge 2022 as of this morning. Hope you Enjoy.


Updated 2 (better volume)

Monday morning update on the B&B Boats in the 2022 EC. Tough conditions continue. Headwinds will continue. First 2 boats (catamarans) have made it to Key Largo last night.




Update 3

Update 4:30pm Day3 of the Everglades Challenge. Greybeard and ChefRamen lead the Core Sound Pack and are on track for a top finish. Unfavorable winds continue to stack up against the remaining competitors. I can hear mother nature now... "The beatings will continue until morale improves!"




Update 4 (most recent)

Day4 update. Leaders battle it out around the capes having sailed the majority of the 10k islands section overnight. The thistle is in the lead but Florida bay is a wild card! Greybeard, ChefRamen could still overtake. All have extensive Florida Bay experience. Meanwhile Brian and Paul show us how the EC should be done.




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SkinnyGenes and TheJuice (in the Thistle) have taken a pretty good lead of about 4 hours over the Core Sound 17 mark 3. They got around the corner first and then I think the wind probably picked up a bit making it that much tougher for Greybeard and ChefRamen. Anything could still happen but I know SkinnyGenes has got to be happy about this! Go Kip and Druce! Well Deserved.


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