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Crossing scupper hoses

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I have read somewhere that some production builders cross  the port scupper inlet and let it out at starboard and vice versa. I assume the rational is that a heavy person in one corner actually raises the scuppers away from the water line and helps prevent water coming in, particularly in small boats where the margin between a self-bailing deck and the water isn’t massive. 

Is this recommended on boats such as the Ocracoke 20? 

Are there disadvantages to this system?


More dangerous when the boat is swamped?


How does on achieve the “crossing of the hoses” … must the outlet be lower than the inlet? 

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It sounds like it makes sense but for a small boat (like around 20 feet) I don't think it's practical. We typically draw our cockpit soles 2-3" above the DWL with a 1 degree upward slope with the boat level. It's possible to get a scupper under water but it would take 2 or 3 people in the stern corner. That's also assuming your scupper is right at the outboard corner of the cockpit. On the Ocracoke 20  you could "cross your scupper hoses" behind the aft bulkhead but that assumes you're using hoses which I probably wouldn't since then you're dealing with hose clamps that can fail etc. I'd go for solid fiberglass or PVC pipe tubes leading back to the transom. On the Ocracoke 20-B there is no aft bulkhead so the cockpit butts right into the transom. On Marissa the cockpit sole extends through the aft bulkhead cutouts for storage space and for cockpit draining. 


What I would recommend is building up a very slight rise in the stern corner of the cockpit or say 1/4" which could be done with just thickened epoxy or filler which brings the lowest point of the cockpit inboard about a foot and put your scupper there. Then use a check ball scupper valve if you're worried about water sloshing back in with a few people back there. Here is a shot of the Marissa and you can see the scupper location and the check valve scupper covers that where used. These just bolt over the scupper holes and a ping pong ball pushes against the hole when dunked to limit water intake. 




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