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Mast head float

Gira Gira

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This is where I am with mine.  I glued the sections together with Gorilla glue, which was what Alan used on the first one.  He had since recommended unthickened epoxy.  But I had already boughten the glue, so what the heck.  I forgot how it expands when wet— it oozed out between the cracks. 4364DC0D-2EC8-4F25-BF39-6D83D3A57B4D.thumb.jpeg.d9e2c025dfff9bbb10263c677dc72510.jpeg But it sanded OK.  I glued in the tube and fin.


Today, I taped off half of the float, and applied some thickened epoxy to the cracks and voids.  I draped the cloth, on the bias, over the float, and coated half.  The glass cloth worked its usual magic.  It confirmed to the shape, and only needed the slightest cuts at the very front and back.14613811-D015-461B-AF2E-14C12D6BFFC1.thumb.jpeg.30f99c4611ec88be3d5d437044ef4203.jpeg342A45AB-A4FD-465C-8DEA-EAF7E2E56CCD.thumb.jpeg.09b407f52e45b8a70b0b03d9819e7681.jpeg64129A30-D9BD-4C21-B66B-59B3B54169DD.thumb.jpeg.5a2065f55900a917262cc1b5baaea347.jpeg


I am impatient.  Tonight, I trimmed part of the float.  I’ll trim the rest in the morning.  It is going to be awesome!0E916197-2463-4681-A1BD-1EAC96D66E80.thumb.jpeg.dd805282c65ee7592e39ccf74bfd3228.jpeg

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I built the bigger mast head float for Skeena. In the process I realized my trailer prevented me from attaching the spindle on top of the mizzen permanently as it would hit my car or at least come very close. 


Alan was machining up some alternative mounts which he sent me. These saddle mount as shown: 1313444422_2022-09-2419_26_36.thumb.jpg.52695e21ef405e8e0c42dc5bf9de3bea.jpg


you can see the pic is rotated. The shaft fits in tightly and I'm sure wouldn't budge in any capsize, but I intend to make it fast someway to be sure. 


The mount works great and is unobtrusive. This mount would work great on many other boats. I did have to adjust my mizzen staysail halyard mount t a slightly lower location as shown. 


Take Care,




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So I got a chance to use my float. It was blowing hard Sunday when I tried sailing to windward on Sodus Bay (Lake Ontario) to get to a bar and watch my Buffalo Bills annihilate the Steelers. I put the float on the mizzen for the first time, and frankly forgot it was up there. It didn't seem to have much affect on sailing but as windy as it was it was the right thing to do. I only have it painted white right now while I think of a better scheme. The new mount worked great.1765051672_2022-10-0916_28_22.thumb.jpg.1fb0d2ca8ba7a3d02dd65180e8d95608.jpg

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