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Love and Marriage

Don Silsbe

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I really love tinkering with boat hardware, ropes, and fancy knots.  I especially love soft shackles and lashing-style blocks.  Why not marry the two?  I had some Ronstan Orbit 20’s that are part of my new snotter system.  I also had some 1/8” Amsteel.  I hear wedding bells!  The mini soft shackles came out great.  I do not do a bury in this tiny stuff— that would be torture.  Have a look.  Maybe I can win you over these strong yet quiet blocks.  Best of all, you don’t need to unscrew anything to remove them!


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I use a diamond knot.  Yeah, they’re hard to tie— the first one at least.  The way I tighten them up is by putting a small washer in a bench vise.  I pass the shackle through the hole, and seat the diamond knot against the washer.  I slip a screwdriver through the shackle hole, and pull hard.  5FBE632A-2BA3-47A6-92A6-B3D129AB1145.thumb.jpeg.967453bb195c24a8f249a1fe462caded.jpeg
Then, I flip it around the other way, passing the two tails through the washer.  I grab the two tails individually with a pair of vise grips, and pull hard on each of them.  When I’m done, the diamond knot is like a rock.

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