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Outer Banks 26 in Small Boats


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I love your boat. The weight is so attractive and right for a boat like that. I bought a Rosborough 246 and only had it for 1 year.  Similar in size and accommodations but it was built like a Sherman tank.  I only had it for one season but the impractical nature of towing it caused me to sell it. Up on the trailer it was over 11,000 pounds. Because of the crazy prices boats are getting I actually made money on reselling it. I've got a Boston Whaler Montauk 17 that is my boat for windless days for now. But a power boat build is in my future and I just really like this design. Of course if you ever decide to sell it, I'm interested. 


Take care,


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Steve- Thanks for the positive remarks about Rosie.  Different horses for different courses as they say.  My guess is the Rosborough would be better suited for tougher conditions.  Someday Rosie will probably be for sale but at the moment, nah.  Good luck in finding the right boat.  If you are planning to build, consider a OB26 kit.  Would save some work and you would have a great boat in the end.  Keep me posted.



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