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OB 26 custom hull build


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Thanks fellows. Well work has been proceeding along. Next week we plan on starting to plank the opposing sides. I did manage to purchase a pretty substantial u-bolt bow eye  and it came a set of two.  I will only be using one. So if anyone else finds a need for one with a long threaded shank, feel free to send a pm and you can have it.  This is the link to the specs.  The defender ones required a shipping cost of half the price of the  bow eye u bolt. And I don't see any problems with this one having it in hand. I will dry fit it and will have the holes in place when I finish the planking and glass work to clean up and install in place.


NovelBee 2 Pack of Stainless Steel Stern Bow Eye Tie Down U Bolt with Hex Nuts and washers,Stock Dia. 5/8",Thread Length 5-7/16",Overall Length 8"

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Well not a lot to show in this stage, but I found the whisky plank. :<}  and  ready for the edges to be trimmed. I capped the stem ends with solid mahogany and will wrap a couple of tabs around the stem front before doing the chine tabs.  Silently in the middle of the night I can hear " Prepare to ram" hehe I plan to rough block the sides before I glass to eliminate a lot of the ever present dimples thats generated by screws and washers in the soft plywood faces . The bow eye plate will lay perfectly flat on the face of the solid wood. 


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