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Two Paw Tweaks

Don Silsbe

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It’s too quiet around here.  I think it’s time to start a new thread.  This past summer, I did some floatation tests on my Two Paw 8 “Two Bits”.  As a result, I’ve decided to add floatation chambers to the forward section. Looks like I’m gonna need a little masthead float!


 Also, while I was at the Messabout last fall, I picked up the sections to make a new mast.  I’m replacing the sprit sail with a Marconi rig.  I’m sure she will be much faster, point higher, etc.  5A77D488-C071-45C3-AACB-F3D0430F5782.thumb.jpeg.7e8acc36956b1c943161bae4cde7e48c.jpeg



Finally, at the Messabout I got to row Tom’s expedition TP8.  He has inspired me to shift my seat and oarlocks aft, since his boat rowed so much faster than mine.  


Talk about the need for speed!  I’ve got some other irons in the fire, but I think I’ll start working on my mast today.  The sail is on order.  The photos are of the current setup.

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I started on my mast spacers today.  


I also ordered a new product I’m excited about.  It is a fairly new chemical for prepping aluminum for paint.  It is used for prepping aircraft for primer.  It is used by the USAF, Boeing, etc.  It eliminates the need to use some nasty chemicals.  And it must be better than the Rustoleum I used on Local Honey’s masts.  Those are chipping badly.  Here’s a website describing the product:  http://pantheonchemical.com/prekote-wipes/#application

I ordered a canister of wipes from aisdirect.com. I’ll probably send a few wipes to Alan Stewart for “evaluation”.

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I’ve been working on my mast, in between other projects.  They fit together nicely now.  Now, I’m working on cosmetics.  I’ve applied some Quick Fair (the tan) to the collars.  I get to smooth it up tomorrow.



On another thread, I mentioned painting aluminum.  When I painted the masts to my Bay River Skiff, I used a Rustoleum etching primer with Rustoleum Marine paint over that.  It didn’t take long for the paint to flake off, where it comes in contact with the deck and seat.  Other areas have flaked, too.  So I dug into how they paint airplanes, per Alan's suggestion.  The old way was to use an alodine treatment.  But I learned how nasty this product was to use.  Then, I discovered a newer biodegradable product which is used by the Air Force, Boeing, and many other large companies.  It is called PreKote.  I bought some wipes from AIS (link below), but may be returning them in favor of the spray.  Here is a video produced by the company.  Check out the dropdown for a wealth of detail.


Here’s the link to AIS:  https://aisdirect.com/?s=Prekote&et_pb_searchform_submit=et_search_proccess&et_pb_include_posts=yes&et_pb_include_pages=yes

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