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Trailer for Lapwing


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Hi Guys-  My Lapwing kit is getting refined and should be shipped here for me to assemble in the coming weeks.  From what I see from Alan and Graham, this boat should jump out of the crate and assemble itself.  Well not quite but it looks like they have come up with some creative ways to make this an easy build.  Time to start thinking about a trailer for her.  I would welcome any input on what to consider for this light weight 16’ boat.  Bunks, rollers, tire size, etc. and any other details. Getting a trailer may take longer then building the boat with the supply chain drama we seem to be dealing with. Thanks in advance. 


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I have a nice painted trailer from Shorelander, but the occasional dips into salt warer are taking its toll.  Last summer, I ordered a galvanized one to replace it.  I am hoping for it to be delivered in January!  It’s yet another victim of the supply chain back-ups.  So, if you’re thinking about buying a new trailer, don’t dilly-dally.


p.s./. I hope to be selling an old Shorelander in a couple months.

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It has been so long since I ordered that trailer, I forgot!  I'll check.  Meanwhile, here are a few photos I took of a trailer at the 2015 Messabout.  It's a start.  Also, I'll have TWO rollers at the stern.  Currently, I have one.  I trailer enough with the 2.5 Suzuki that I'm wearing  notch into my skeg. 



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I found that trailers are built for power boats.  I bought one designed for a 14 foot boat. It was designed to have a really heavy hunk of iron on the transom of a 14 foot boat.  This turned out to be a perfect balance for a 16 foot boat with no iron on the transom.  The only thing I regret is not getting a trailer with the wheels far enough apart for the boat to ride low between them. Being able to reach into the boat on the trailer while standing on the ground is a huge benefit, especially for cleaning up.

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There is a thread here that has a lot of info on trailers. Continental makes a series for skiffs that are perfectly suited for CS and similar boats. Lightweight and low to the ground. 


Here's a link their their page: https://www.continentaltrailers.com/galvanized-bassboat_jonboat.htm


I bought a 1812 for my CS20.3, but it may be too big for your boat. But these trailers are sweet. I used Uship to get one delivered here in NY as they have no dealers, but all the other trailers I could find were way too heavy. 



It hauls like it isn't there. 

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