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FreeB Coaming???

Walter T

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OK guys I have looked and looked but, I just can't find how the skin is attached to the plywood coaming. I am using the          (More Fuselage Frame Boats / A Guide to Building Skin Boats) and can't really find any instruction other than (one of the narrower strip will go on the boat under the skin. ( You need to be careful handling this piece once on the boat because it can break easily.) I have the frame all put together and she looks nice but when I get to the coaming how do I go about pulling the skin tight and holding it in place? Do I staple or stitch it to the top ring or maybe the bottom ring. I know it says that you will pinch the fabric between the top ring and the bottom ring with the screws but, how do you keep it in place while you do this?  So, what do you have to say about that? 



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Brother Walter:

For my Ravenswood, I installed a pair of braces between the bottom piece of the plywood coaming and the sheer stringers to stiffen things up (see pics below). Then I pulled the skin, which was already fastened elsewhere, over the bottom piece and stapled it in place using Monel staples. Then I attached the rest of the coaming with stainless steel screws. Then I cut off the excess skin from the inside of the cockpit. Almost forgot; at some point after initial construction, I removed the top section and put some caulking on and put it back together to solve some seepage.  For more pics and ideas, see yostwerks.org. Have fun!


ravens brace 1.jpg

ravens brace 2.jpg

ravenswood coaming.JPG

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I failed to follow the instructions and assembled my whole plywood coaming with just glue between the three layers, then drilled the sides like for a solid coaming and sewed it in. 


I was worried that the fabric would slip out if it was just sandwiched.  


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