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Core Sound 17 or 20 wanted Australia

Cam H

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That’s awesome that you found one.

Im in Tasmania with what I believe is a MK1.

im wanting to do some coastal cruising so was thinking of upgrading to a MK3 but I’m just not sure how much these wee boats can handle. The seas can get pretty wild down here. There is a lot of trailer sailers you wouldn’t take out on so coastal runs here.

id be interested to know how far people have pushed their boats (weather and swell wise) 

I’m still learning the ropes in mine but I can get away from the feeling that it feels like a dingy and not something I would sail around Tasmania.


(obviously the skippers ability is the the main thing, but this aside)

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Hi Nick,


The Mk3 was never meant to be an offshore boat. Just as you rightly said about the skippers ability, the same thing can be said about the boat. For instance on Carlita's cruises all of my stores and gear was stored under the bunks and the lids were dogged down, I had a downhaul on the centerboard to prevent it from crashing down in a capsize, the hatches were well gasketed and dogged down when underway.


My reefing system was well sorted out. I have not got around to a masthead float yet but I think it is a good idea.


If I was planning to go further offshore I would look into adding some more ballast to the centerboard and outside on the keel.


I also carried a PLB and a Spot tracker.


Although I never made it to Tassie, I have great respect for the weather down there. My sister circumnavigated it a few years ago in a S&S 33. I would love to have Carlita down there for a season. The main advantage of the mk3 is that you do not have to do the dodgy offshore passages, just trail to the best places. I have found that when I do the offshore legs I never get around to cruising the new areas in depth when I get there because I am sailed out and I am starting to concentrate on the next leg. It is the reverse when I trail to the new place.

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Thanks for the reply,


good point about trailer-ability. There are a lot of moored boats where we are and not many get used. Also the speed of setup on these boats is great. I can be in the water in 20min but some trailer sailers can take an hour before launching. 
did you get your boat off a professional builder? Is there some building them in Aus?

Also starting to see the skill and technique required to sail a small boat well in all conditions compared to a bigger vessel that can plow on through anything….without the finesse.

anyway, love to hear updates on your trips and let us know if you head south!





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