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Epoxy/graphite application


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Although I have done a few centerboards and rudders lately it has been a while since I used an epoxy/graphite mixture on the bottom of a small boat. I was never able to get the mixture to flatten out like paint but the slight waviness was acceptable. This time it was bad and had runs. The runs were probably from adding another coat too soon but the whole application was very uneven and I am not sure why. A day later I sanded off the runs, washed the area and wiped it down with alcohol. The next day I add a single coat and it looks worse, although with less runs.


I was using the Raka slow hardener and the temperature was in the upper 70’s deg. F. I used about one teaspoon of graphite per 3 oz. batch. I would like to blame it on the cheap foam brush I used. (I usually use a section of foam roller to spread.) I am open to suggestions on the proper application of an epoxy/graphite mixture.

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