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21 hours ago, K.J said:

has anyone used Sailtrack and a lugged sail for the Spindrift?

Not a spindrift but I have a modified Welsford Golden Bay dinghy with a standing lug and spritboom. It's a nice rig- easy to set up and the spars fit in the boat.

I had sailtrack on my CS17 which works very well.

Here are some photos of the standing lug


Sailing AABB.jpg

Relaunch Day-1.JPG

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I think I misinterpreted your term lugged sail. You probably meant slides for a sail track. They work really well and make reefing and dropping easy. As I said I had track on my CS17. It’s a good option.

But you also said a simple rig would be good and the standing lug certainly fits that definition.


Peter HK

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