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Hardware concerns


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Hi all, in building our Flinders 246 I have developed a respect for quality hardware.  I had used some stainless steel bolts from our favorite point and click online retailer that would break so easily I was concerned they were made of compressed pasta.  I removed all the what later I found out was sold as 18-8 stainless.  Replaced all the hardware on previously installed and found this wasn’t really unusual for galling/breakage of the chinesiem hardware.  I replaced all the hardware with 316 stainless hardware, (still probably imported)  the strength/cost ratio is favorable!  

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Hi jay

mark here since the start of building my cs 20 mk3 I had the same problem of finding a good source of hardware that would not send you to the poor house, locally west marine has a good variety but at a cost, but then I found a better supplier that has pretty much what you want  most of which is 316, you can buy either one or a full bag or box . Prices are very reasonable. I don’t know if they mail order,  the name Tacoma screw 509 5360229 you might give them a call if they have what you need and don’t mail order get a hold of me and I will be more than happy to arrange for shipment from my end

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Hi Don, Thanks for the tip!  The new hardware has a MUCH higher finish, (it’s shiny) and the galling issue has abated.  I am sure being stainless it is possible but with the original hardware practically every fastener was effected.  Fortunately my keel on the Flinders is attached with the gourmet hardware,  2 inches of fiberglass and a epoxy bed, any one of which should make the lead arrive the same time as the rest of the boat! 

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