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B&B Messabout 2021: October 22-24

Chick Ludwig

Message added by Alan Stewart,


When:  October 22-24, 2021,  Mark your calendars!

See more information here.  Messabout info on the B&B website

Please let us know if you plan to attend... Sign up for the Messabout here (It's Free!)  

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Just got back from the 2021 B&B Mess-about. Thanks to the B&B family for hosting such an amazing event.  This is a short video of Paul sailing around just after the Mess-about. You can see that he is not always the serious racer. During the "race" some sailors notably Alan and Paul seemed to have an edge on the windward leg. One of Graham's bits of wisdom was try lowering the draft of your sail for improved performance when close hauled. For us sprit boomed folks that means tighten the heck out of your snotter. Graham mentioned that it can be difficult when sitting to windward to judge how much camber is in the sail.




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I upload my video to YouTube. It’s free but it took a while to figure it out. I had to look for some “how’s” on line. 
Once I established an account hitting “Library” at the bottom right produces this menu. Hitting the + (plus) at the bottom produces a menu from which uploads can be made.


Once a video is up, choose to view it. Hit “share” to copy the link and paste it onto your text box (this forum or Facebook or whatever.) The photo is generated by the application (sometimes.). I don’t do anything more than to paste the copied URL from YouTube. It’s “magic’ I guess. 


It’s a new thing for me and it took a while. I also just discovered my IPhone’s IMovie app that I can use to string together a bunch of short videos and photos for a single video. The learning never stops. 

Hope this makes a bit of sense to get you started. 

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Ok guys, you are killing me here!  Reading about the Messabout brings me back to third grade.  The teacher droning on about something I didn’t give a hoot about and seeing the kids out the window on the playground.  I want to play with you kids!  Maybe next year!


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One of the things I love about going to the Messabout is learning something new. This year Graham asked me if I had seen any of the Swedes videos on foam core boat building. I told him I had not. Graham knows I am interested in foam core boat building, perhaps he also knows two of my grandparents immigrated from Sweden. Anyway my interest was piqued. So now I am learning a little more about the interesting life of Sven Yrvind. He is a bit of a blue water sailor so his mindset is a little different from us coastal cruisers but his emphasis on the advantages of keeping boats small and simple certainly resonates.




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